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Beauty and health of our skin are two of the all factors giving us general satisfaction with our life. Indeed, if we are not satisfied with our look we cannot deal with things, we whine about weather, and personal life leaves a lot to be desired. You have noticed that the more you care about skin (various creams, masks, cosmetologist visits) the worse it looks, haven’t you? According to scientist-dermatologists, deterioration of skin condition is first of all related to intestine disorder and accumulation in it of natural toxic wastes which form after organism activity, as well as penetrate from the environment.

Why skin ‘feels’ bad?

A scope of negative factors in our life affects our health and beauty. Part of them we bring ourselves (alcohol, nicotine, refined, freeze-dried and artificial products, medicines etc.), and part we get from the environment (ecology, stress etc.). But each of the factors has solely negative effect on digestive tract and consequently promotes extinction of normal intestine micro flora and stimulates growth of conditioned pathogenic flora; these processes affect our skin condition.

What should you do in order to restore normal functioning of the digestive tract and to revive natural healthy radiant-look of skin? Ideally, you would need 2 products: sorbent, adsorbing ballast substances and toxic agents and prebiotic, stimulating growth and evolution of normal micro flora. Yet, there is a product, called Lactofiltrum, on the Russian market which contains both prebiotic and sorbent.

Medicine for beauty

Lactofiltrum is a unique two-component product containing prebiotic (lactulose) and sorbent (lignin). Hydrolyzed lignin is a natural enterosorbent consisting of products of hydrolyzed wood processing which has high sorption force and non-specific detoxicating activity. Lignin ties up in the intestine pathogenic bacteria, toxic agents, medicines, saults of heavy metals, alcohol, allergens and excessive number of metabolism products (bilirubin, cholesterol, urea etc.), responsible for progress of endogenic toxicosis, and withdraws them out of organism.

Lignin has no toxic influence, doesn’t absorb, and fully leaves intestine in 24 hours. The second component of Lactofiltrum is lactulose which is a synthetic disaccharide, which molecule consists of galactose and fructose leftovers. Lactulose, like any other prebiotic, doesn’t absorb and doesn’t hydrolyze in the stomach and upper segments of the intestine. Lactulose, releasing from tablet in the colon in the form of substrate, is fermented by the intestine normal micro flora stimulating growth of bifidusbacteria and lactobacillus.

Besides, as a result of lactulose fermentation, organic acids (lactic, acetic and formic) appear pushing pH balance in the colon to the acid direction. Known that acid environment suppresses growth of pathogenic microorganisms. Besides, lactulose stimulates intestinal motility preventing stasis of ballast and toxic substances in the colon. Both components of Lactofiltrum pass upper segments of digestive tract without losing their unique qualities, without activation in the aggressive environment of the stomach and intestine, and come into full effect at the necessary place – in the colon.


At the faculty of Skin and Venereal Diseases of the department of Dermatovenereology and Dermatooncology of Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute after M.F. Vladimirskiy and at the faculty of Immunology of the Department of Postgraduate Professional Education of Moscow Medical Academy after I.M. Sechenov they conducted a unique research (where 30 women of 25-27 years of age (in average 25.6 years old) took part) on influence of Lactofiltrun on skin condition, and compared the obtained results with the skin condition of women in the reference group who hadn’t taken the product.

According to the research results it was determined that 9 women (27%) of the main group before Lactofiltrum administration and 8 women (26.6%) of the reference group had disturbed skin automicro flora which reveals dramatic decrease of their natural resistance and compensation abilities of skin. In 30 days of Lactofiltrum administration the experiment was repeated and 77.7% of women of the main group had normal amount of Staphylococcus aureus CFU. The women in the reference group had no changes.

Hence, Lactofiltrum due to its dual effect (on one side acts like effective and smooth sorbent clearing intestine from metabolic products and toxic agents and on the other side acts like prebiotic reviving natural micro flora of the colon) is a very effective product for normalization of both intestine and skin condition. Its effectivity is evident even in case of such a serious skin disease like atopic dermatitis. Thus, according to data provided by L.D. Kalyuzhnaya and co-authors, after administration of Lactofiltrum against atopic dermatitis of medium severity (24-62 particles according SCORAD index), by the second day of treatment, diarrheal evidences had disappeared, and bowel movement had normalized; and by 10-14th day, pathological process had passed into light run of the disease with substantial cutback of internal sensations.

Easy to take

Lactofiltrum is also very easy to take; it is presented in the form of tablets which are easier to measure, and are divested of its specific taste and smell unlike gel or powder; besides it is well tolerated. Lactofiltrum as tablets should be taken orally 3 times a day between meals for children of 7-12 years of age 1-2 tablets; for children over 12 years of age and adults 2-3 tablets with meal. Depending on severity of the disease the dose per day may be increased. Average duration of administration constitutes 14 days.


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