Another organ also can tell us about microflora; this organ covers, like a stoking, the intestine wall, other mucosae and human skin. Being absolutely invisible this organ weighs for nearly 2 kg and consists of at least 1014 cells (100 billion) of microorganisms. This number is 10 times higher than the number of own cells of the host organism, in other words – human cells.

Normal microflora, inhabiting all ecological housings of a human being, is the main and primary protective barrier of the immune system. The most ‘populated’ is colon, which contains 60% of the entire microflora, then skin with 20%, and upper respiratory airway containing 15%. More than 400 species of different bacteria live in the intestine.

Beneficial bacteria perform a variety of important functions:

Protective – normal microflora suppresses strange microflora regularly getting into digestive tract (which is an open system) along with food and water.

Enzymatic – assists in proteins and carbs digestion.

Vitamin synthesis – participates in synthesis of all B vitamins.

Participation in micro-elements metabolism – enforces fixing of calcium, iron, vitamin D.

Detoxication – neutralizes toxic agents.

Immune system stimulation – intestine is the largest organ of the human immune system.

Multitask capability of normal microflora defines safety of its composition.

Factors influencing composition of normal microflora: climate-geographic and ecological conditions (radiological, chemical, professional, sanitary and hygienic etc.), character and quality of nutrition, stress, physical inactivity, various disorders of the immune system as well as antibiotics administration, chemo, hormonal agents. Different diseases of digestive tract (like of infectiuos and non-infectious nature) may cause disorder of the intestine microflora.

Normal composition of the intestine microflora decreases under the influence of one or several factors (usually by one or two species). Then organisms of a strange microflora (conditioned pathogenic) like staphylococci, Klebsiellas, Proteidae, Pseudomonadaceae, yeast-like fungi and others inhabit the appeared ecological housing. Consequently the immune system gets weaker and the balance between ‘beneficial’ and ‘harmful’ intestinal bacteria disrupts.

Dysbacteriosis is a violation of human microecology.

It is a syndrome which manifests itself differently in different people. In some people it manifests itself as an allergic reaction, in others – as a disturbance of digestive tract activity (pain and borborygmus in stomach, irregular bowel movements, coprostasia, and diarrhea), another people suffer prom colds. But the main problems are weakening of protective function of the intestine wall and intoxication of the entire organism leading to recurrence of various chronicle diseases.

How to deal with dysbacteriosis

First of all, consult your doctor, who will prescribe you treatment scheme similar to the below mentioned:

  • Intestinal intiseptics, sometimes antibiotics
  • Enterosorbents
  • Prebiotics
  • Probiotics
  • Diet
Lactofiltrum® is a product with innovative composition for bacteriosis treatment.

Due to dual effect of sorbent Lignin and prebiotic Lactulose clinical symptoms of dysbacteriosis are quickly eliminated.

How Lactofiltrum works.


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