Аtopic dermatitis (АD)

Lactofiltrum - Novel Approach to Atopic Diseases!

Аtopic dermatitis (АD) – is a chronic disease with genetic predisposition characterized by a rash, strong skin itching, and suppressed immune (protective) functions of skin. According to different sourses, atopic disease accurs in 3-15% of the population. AD prevalence among children constitutes 5-20%, among adults – 2-10%, the urbanize areas (big cities and industrial regions) have the highest rate of AD. One of the risk factors is pathology of digestive tract organs, particularly intestinal dysbiosis, which occurs in 80-90% of children with AD. Experts determined synergies between dysbiosis intensity and severity of AD clinical evidences on skin.

Main symptoms: itchiness and dryness of skin, rash. In order to identify the intensity of these symptoms take the tests: rash – itch – SCORAD scale, overall state – Dermatology Life Quality Index.


  • At the 1st stage focal rash on the face, buttocks, upper and lower limbs. The skin symptoms are being followed by strong and persistent itchiness;
  • At the 2nd stage skin in the diseased sites is slowly becomes dry, evidence of flacking, itchiness diminishes;
  • If there is no selfcure, the disease enters the 3rd stage – adult period. In this period symmetrical sites of epidermal hypertrophy (thickening of the skin) form on the upper and lower extremities, on the skin of the neck and chest.


One of the main sites of allergens penetrating the body is the mucous membrane of the intestine. That’s why disturbed digesting and suppressed protection of mucous membrane of the intestine in dysbacteriosis promote redundancy of allergens penetration into the body and formation of a longstanding and strong sensibilization. Complex treatment of allergic diseases should include intestine dysbacteriosis therapy which helps to protect the body from allergen penetration and deterioration of disease.

Skin care is must

Proper skin care helps to avoid exacerbation of AD and prolongs remission period. For dry and sensitive skin care special curative cosmetic facilities were developed.


In case of AD an ‘elimination diet’ is prescribed, the diet excludes the product containing allergen. Your doctor and food diary will be helpful in this task. The menu of a person suffering from AD may include:

  • porridge (buchwheat, rice, oatmeal, millet, corn but no semolina) prepared with vegetable broths but without milk and mixed with vegetable or olive oil;
  • vegetables (cabbages, potatoes, marrow squashes, scalloped squashes, turnips);
  • meat (veal, turkey, rabbit, lean pork);
  • fruit (sour-sweet apples of soft tinge, plums, pears).
Local dermatic

For outward application various ointments, creams, applications and pastes prescribed by doctor can be used: topical glucocorticosteroids (ТGC), topical calcineurin inhibitor (ТCNI), antibacterial products (АP).

Systematic medical products

Systematic treatment of AD includes antihistamine drugs, systemic glucocorticoid, cytostatics and antibacterial therapy (in case of complicated course of the disease and due to special prescriptions).

The most widespread complication of AD is microbiosis skin infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi. The leader (more than in 90% of cases) among pathogenic microorganisms is Staphylococcus aureu.

For prevention of skin infection it is necessary to avoid dryness, and increase protective functions of both skin and the entire body. This can be achieved via the strengthening of the immune system, normalization of the intestine micro flora and skin automicroflora. Simultaneously treatment against dysfunctional digestive system is carried out. It guarantees successful treatment and is the first thing that a dermatologist would point out while defining the reason of the disease.

The treatment must include detoxication (enterosorption) and products restoring and stimulating growth of beneficial intestinal microflora.

Enterosorption is an effective method of detoxication aimed at withdrawal of various allergens, toxic agents, pathogenic bacteria and products of their activity out of the body. Modern sorbents should meet some definite requirements reflecting their effectivity and safety: high sorption capacity (sorption effectivity), absence of toxic characteristics and possible injuries to digestive tract mucous membrane, good evacuation capacity, comfortable usage.

Nowadays one of the most effective and safe sorbents is lignin, a natural organic composition based on food fibres. It doesn’t soak into the human digestive system and differs from other sorbents by its ability to absorb and eliminate both low molecular compounds (consisting of small quantity of atoms, like gases, heavy metals, alcohol) and high molecular compounds (‘big’ ones consisting of huge quantity of atoms, like toxic agents, bacteria). Therefore it is called a universal sorbent or emergency help in various poisonings and intoxications.

Lignin as a part of Lactofiltrum:

  • Is produced of coniferous species of wood in accordance with the world quality standards
  • 2 500 times more effective than absorbent carbon*
  • Does not damage mucous membrane of the intestine
  • Might be prescribed for long-term courses of treatment
  • Scientific researches reveal that Lignin also possesses immune stimulating, counter-inflammatory and anti-virus force.

Enterosorbent (lignin) clears the body of toxic agents, allergens. At the next stage it is essential to restore the microbial balance. Prebiotics help to deal with it (food components which are fermented by the beneficial intestine micro flora). They are an excellent culture medium for natural normal flora of organism and promote quick growth and evolution of the body's ‘own’ beneficial bacteria providing long-term effect. Lactulose, semisynthetic disaccharide, is the most popular and acknowledged prebiotic. Lactulose has been applied in medicine for 50 years for stimulation of growth of bifidus- and lactobacteria.

The diminishing of allergic and toxic burden with the help of sorbents, and renewal of skin and intestine microbial balance with the help of prebiotics in complex therapy help to attain disease remission; immune system strengthening and reinforcement of skin protective functions prevent exacerbations and complications.

The innovative combined product containing sorbent and prebiotic Lactofiltrum® can be prescribed in complex treatment against skin allergic pathology in adults and children. The product produced in the form of tablets and sachets.


Application in complex therapy against allergic dermatosis (AD, urticarial):

Measuring of tablets:

    • 1-3 years of age, 1/2 of a tablet 3 times per day;
    • 3-7 years of age, 1 tablet 3 times per day;
    • 7-12 years of age, 1-2 tablet 3 times per day;
    • Over 12 years, 2 tablets 3 times a day.
    • Measuring of sachets:
    • 1-3 years of age, 1/2 of a sachet 3 times per day;
    • 3-7 years of age,1 sachet 2 times per day;
    • 7-11 years of age, 1 sachet 3 times per day;
    • Over 11 years old, 2 sachets 3 times per day.
    • The content of a sachet is to be dissolved homogeneously in 50-100 ml of water. It is recommended that Lactofiltrum® be taken orally 1 hour before meal or 1.5 hour after. Duration of treatment depends on the seriousness of the condition and constitutes 10-14 days (see USPI).

Lactofiltrum® during AD treatment facilitates:

    • Sorption of toxic agents and allergens;
    • Immune system strengthening due to revitalization of intestines microbial balance;
    • Prevention of infectional complications due to normalization of skin automicro flora.

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