10 facts about Lactofiltrum®


  1. Scientific research by the Russian-Swiss pharmaceutical group AVVA Pharmaceutical AG.

  1. Has been produced since 2001 of high-quality material at the factory AVVA RUS in Kirov (Russian Federation); since 2010 the medical product has had over-the-counter status in the Russian Federation.

  1. It is produced in several forms: tablets 0.65 g 30 and 60 pieces per pack; sachets 2.4 g 10 pieces per pack.

  1. Lactofiltrum® effectivity is proved by clinical researches (dysbacteriosis treatment – 6 researches, more than 300 patients; for dysbacteriosis prevention during antibiotic treatment – 5 researches , 171 patients; allergodermathosis, including atopic dermatitis – 6 researches, 153 patients; irritable bowel syndrome – 2 researches, 116 patients; complex treatment of gastric ulcer – 3 researches, 70 patients).

  1. After 30 days of Lactofiltrum® administration correction of skin automicroflora is marked in 80% of patients (the quantity of pathogenic flora decreases by 3.8 times).[1].

1 Lactofiltrum as a factor of bactericidal increase of skin function. V.А. Molochkov, Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Insitute named by M.F. Vladimirskogo, Moscow/Effective Medical Treatment in dermatology and dermatocosmetology #1 as of april 2010, p.22-24.

  1. The product administration during complex therapy against urticarial is clinically effective and allows to improve digestive tract functions and attaining full disease remission for 6 months.[2].

2 Lactofiltrum administration in the scheme of treatment of recurrent urticaria. Dityatkovskaya Е.M. Candidate of Medicine, Borzova Т.А., Gribanova L.V., Koretskaya Е.V., City Allergological Centre, Dnepropetrovsk.

  1. 3-week administration of the product by children promotes early fadeaway of clinical symptoms of atopic dermatitis and improves significantly intestine micro bial balance.[3].

3 Simultaneous enterosorption and intestine dysbacteriosis treatment by Lactofiltrrum for children in atopic dermatitis. N.V.Nagornaya, M.P.Limarenko, N.G.Logvinenko, N.V.Bezhok/Donetsk State Medical University after N.Gorkiy.

  1. Inclusion of Lactofiltrum® into therapy against atopic dermatitis allows to decrease terms of skin itching, duration and intensity of hyperemia, infiltration and skin dryness not less than by 7 days. A significant extention of disease remission terms has been marked during the above mentioned measuring.[4].

4 On the question of the therapy of allergic dermatosis in children and adults during in-office administration. M.D. Volkoslavskaya V.N., State Univers. Insitute of Dermatology and Venerology of NAMS of Ukraine, Kharkov/Health of Ukraine, #2, 2014., p.14

  1. During dysbacteriosis therapy Lactofiltrum® has shown positive effect in 100% cases: good effectivity has been marked in 87% and moderate – in 13%. [5].

5 4 Evaluation of effectivity and tolerance of Lactofiltrum in treatment of patients with gastroenterological diseases with intestine dysbacteriosis syndrome. N.V.Kharchenko, M.D., professor; V.V.Chernenko, Candidate of Medicine/National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named by P.L.Shupik, Kiev.

  1. The product is sold only at the drug stores withot prescription.